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Love, hope and fear are some of the many emotions victims of abuse feel. If you are a victim of abuse, it is important for you to remember, that this abuse is not your fault, and you do not deserve to be abused. If you are trapped in a vicious cycle of domestic violence, you don’t have to face it alone. Salley & Salley, LLC, can help you break the cycle. We have more than 50 years of combined experience in family law.

Likewise, sometimes emotions run high and one family member will falsely accuse the other of committing violence. If a protective order has been filed against you, we can help you maintain access to your home and your children while you and your partner work to resolve your underlying dispute.

Just two years after she finished law school, Laurel Salley took a case involving protection orders all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court and won. Today, that case is taught to family law attorneys throughout Louisiana.

What Can A Protective Order Do For You?

A protective order is an order of the court that can prohibit an abuser from contacting the protected person, and can include, but is not limited to the following orders:

  • Prohibiting abuse, harassment, stalking, following or threatening of the protected person
  • Prohibiting the abuser from contacting the protected person personally, electronically, by phone, in writing or through a third party
  • Prohibiting the abuser from going near the protected person’s residence, place of employment, school, etc.
  • Prohibiting the abuser from interfering with the protected person’s school and/or work;
  • Granting the protected person use of the residence
  • Prohibiting the abuser from damaging any belongings of the protected person
  • Ordering the abuser to return personal property to the protected person
  • Granting the protected person the exclusive use and possession of jointly owned property (including pets)
  • Awarding temporary custody of minor children to the protected person
  • Ordering the abuser to attend counseling or get a professional medical evaluation
  • Ordering the abuser to pay court costs and other fees such as expert witness fees, medical bills and/or psychological bills

Get Legal Help Immediately

If you or your children are in immediate danger, it is imperative that you file a petition for protection of abuse today. Our experienced attorneys are here to assist you with completing and filing this petition. And if you’ve been accused of committing violence at home, it is equally important that you proactively face the charges against you, with a lawyer’s help. Call us today at 504-323-7114, or send us an email.

Sandra Salley and Laurel Salley have each been separately recognized for inclusion in the Super Lawyers list as top attorneys in Louisiana. Our firm has also received an A+ rating from the Greater New Orleans Area Better Business Bureau.