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When are you eligible for a Louisiana child support modification?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2024 | Child Support

Providing for the needs of a child is a basic parental responsibility. Parents need to provide guidance and shelter. They must provide clothing and food as well. Parents devote hundreds of dollars per month, if not substantially more, to the basic needs of their children.

Such contributions occur naturally when parents consistently co-habitate with their children. After a divorce or separation, the responsibility to provide for a child’s needs may fall disproportionately to one parent. The Louisiana family courts can order one parent to pay child support to better ensure that a child’s standard of living is roughly equal between households.

The parent paying support may find it burdensome to balance their budget and may hope to reduce their obligations. When is it possible to modify an existing child support order in Louisiana?

After three years have passed

Parents can request a review and update of their child support arrangements three years after the courts approve the initial order. Changes in income and family circumstances during that time may warrant an update to the order. Requiring that parents wait three years helps prevent the courts from facing a deluge of requests from those unhappy with the terms of a child support order.

When the support required changes

It is possible for people to calculate their estimated child support obligations based on the division of parenting time and the income of both adults and the family. Even if it has not been three years since the creation of a custody order, a parent could ask for a modification when the amount they pay requires a substantial adjustment. If the change is potentially 25% or more of the current amount, then someone can request a modification.

When circumstances change substantially

A parent in Louisiana can request a review and modification of child support after a material change in family circumstances. Perhaps one of the parents died or the income of either parent has changed significantly. If the children have gained or lost insurance coverage or have become living with a different parent, those adjustments to family circumstances may justify requesting a modification.

Understanding when the Louisiana family courts may agree to review and change child support obligations may help people better control their financial circumstances. Parents who understand Louisiana family law rules may have an easier time navigating the legal system.