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Frequently Asked Questions

No website can answer your legal questions as thoroughly as an in-person or telephone consultation with an experienced Louisiana family law attorney, but there are certain questions that we at Salley & Salley, LLC, encounter more often than others. We have compiled some of the questions we are asked most frequently, along with our answers. We hope you will find these a useful reference as you are searching for a family law attorney.

How long does it take to finalize a divorce?

The paperwork required to initiate divorce proceedings can be prepared and filed fairly quickly, especially if the divorce is uncontested. By far the most time-consuming part of the divorce process is the period in which spouses must live separately. This can range from six months to a year, depending on your circumstances. See the next question for additional details.

How long do I have to live separate from my spouse?

For couples without children, each spouse must live in a separate dwelling from the other for a minimum of 180 days (about six months) before a divorce can be finalized. This requirement can be satisfied either before or after filing an official petition for divorce, so long as documentation such as mortgage, lease, rental agreement or other proof of residence exists for each person.

For couples with minor children, this required period of living separately lasts 365 days, or one full year.

This requirement can be reduced or even waived in special circumstances such as the threat of domestic violence or a proven act of adultery.

What does it mean to be a board-certified family law specialist?

We are among a small group of Louisiana law firms that offers an attorney who is a board-certified family law specialist, certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization. This certification is granted to a select number of attorneys who meet specific standards of excellence and experience. Attorney Laurel Salley has been a board-certified family law specialist since 2004.

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