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Can grandparents seek visitation in the Louisiana family courts?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Family Law

Children typically require a robust community support network to make the most of their lives. Parents and siblings are obviously a very important source of support, but many children also need the love and guidance of additional family members.

Grandparents might provide grandchildren with adult supervision and financial support. They may provide comfort and guidance to child and grandchild alike. In some cases, they may even live with their grandchildren. Sadly, the close bond that a fit and loving has with their grandchild could be at risk if the child’s parent/parents don’t want the grandparent involved anymore.

Grandparents can request visitation under certain circumstances

The family law statutes in Louisiana include a specific provision for facilitating grandparent visitation in certain circumstances. Typically, grandparents seeking to make use of the court system will need to have a biological connection with their grandchildren. Particularly if there have been major disruptions in the child’s household, the Louisiana family courts might agree to award a grandparent visitation despite the opposition of the parents. Situations that could justify a grandparent’s visitation request include scenarios in which the courts have terminated one parent’s rights, the death of a parent, the divorce or separation of the parents and the incarceration of a parent.

When significant disruptions to the family unit occur and a grandparent can no longer spend time with their grandchildren, the family courts can order visitation for that grandparent if a judge reviews the situation and agrees that the grandparent’s involvement would be in the best interest of the children. Photographs, text messages, birthday cards and other evidence of a pre-existing, positive relationship with the grandchildren could help someone build a case to present in court establishing that their relationship with the children is beneficial for them. Although it may cause some short-term challenges for the family, a grandparent’s decision to seek visitation could be the best option for everyone in the family.

Learning about the rights adults have under Louisiana family law may help people better assert themselves during times of family conflict. Seeking legal guidance is a solid way to establish that clarity.