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Protective Orders

Metairie Family Violence Attorneys

Love, hope, and fear are some of the many emotions victims of abuse feel. If you are a victim of abuse, it is important for you to remember, that this abuse is not your fault, and you do not deserve to be abused. If you are trapped in a vicious cycle of domestic violence, you don't have to face it alone, Salley & Salley, LLC can help you break the cycle. Call us at 504-837-5499.

What can a protective order do for you?

A protective order is an order of the court that can prohibit an abuser from contacting the protected person, and can include, but is not limited to the following orders:

  • Prohibiting abuse, harassment, stalking, following, or threatening of the protected person;
  • Prohibiting the abuser from contacting the protected person personally, electronically, by phone, in writing, or through a third party;
  • Prohibiting the abuser from going near the protected person's residence, place of employment, school, etc.;
  • Prohibiting the abuser from interfering with the protected person's school and/or work; Granting the protected person use of the residence;
  • Granting the protected person use of the residence;
  • Prohibiting the abuser from damaging any belongings of the protected person;
  • Ordering the abuser to return personal property to the protected person;
  • Granting the protected person the exclusive use and possession of jointly owned property (including pets);
  • Awarding temporary custody of minor children to the protected person;
  • Ordering the abuser to attend counseling or get a professional medical evaluation;
  • Ordering the abuser to pay court costs and other fees, such as expert witness fees, medical bills and/or psychological bills.

If you or your children are in immediate danger, it is imperative that you file a Petition for Protection of Abuse today. Our experienced attorneys are here to assist you with completing and filing this Petition. Call us today at 504-837-5499, or send us an email.

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