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3 ways your professional success may complicate your divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Divorce

You may have so totally invested yourself in your professional development recently that it dominated your mental focus. You didn’t recognize divorce was on the horizon until your spouse suddenly brought it up or worse, had you served unexpectedly. You recognize that perhaps your high-demand but successful career may have play some strain on your marriage, or the divorce may have roots in some completely separate issue.

Regardless of the underlying cause of your divorce, the fact remains that your professional success and the demands of your career can potentially impact what happens in your upcoming Louisiana divorce. How might your professional demands affect the outcome of your divorce?

  1. You may have to make custody concessions

Some people who have demanding careers but reliable schedules, like medical professionals, it is still possible to arrange for a nearly even split of custody with a little extra planning. For others, who may have 16-hour work days sometimes because of their irregular schedules, fully sharing and parenting time may not be a reasonable expectation. Recognizing when your career will limit your ability to parent full-time can help you be more realistic about your expectations for custody in the divorce.

  1. Your standard of living can affect support requirements

When you have been successful and provided your spouse and any children you share with the trappings of that success, they will have a claim to support that reflects the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. While there are limits to how much support you will have to pay, higher living standards often translate to higher child support and spousal support payments.

  1. You’ll face challenges when dividing community property

If you finished your professional degree after getting married, some of your student loans might actually be marital property. Unfortunately, the ownership of your professional practice could also be community property that you have to share in the divorce.

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