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Spousal Support And Alimony

New Orleans Spousal Support Lawyers

The end of a marriage can be a stressful and emotional situation. We can guide you through the divorce process efficiently and effectively. Some divorce matters include continued financial support for one of the parties.

The two main types of spousal support are interim and final. Interim spousal support provides the spouse seeking support with funds to maintain his or her current lifestyle, while the divorce is ongoing. As a more permanent solution, final support may be granted. Final support is designed to cover the spouse's basic needs and may be granted if certain criteria are met.

Salley & Salley is among a small group of Louisiana law firms that offer attorneys who are Board-Certified Family Law Specialists, certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization. This certification is granted to a select number of attorneys who meet specific standards of excellence and experience. Every day, we put our knowledge and experience to work providing personal service and aggressive representation for our clients. Sandra Salley has been a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist since January, 2000. Laurel Salley became a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist in January, 2004.

The focus of our firm is family law. Because our practice has always been centered on family law, we have gained an intimate knowledge of the local family court systems. This commitment to concentrate specifically on family law also continues to expand our extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience, all to the benefit of our clients.

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Contact us today to arrange for your confidential consultation with one of our experienced family law attorneys, who will protect your interests and advocate passionately on your behalf, at 504-837-5499, or by email.

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