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Grandparent Rights Attorney

New Orleans Grandparent Visitation Attorneys

Grandparents who wish to seek greater involvement in the lives of their grandchildren are sometimes faced with difficult choices. In the midst of any family turmoil, it is important to remember to keep the best interest of the grandchildren as your priority.

Three of the main issues a grandparent may need to seek legal counsel for are visitation, custody, and adoption:

  • Visitation - As a grandparent, you may have the right to ask for court ordered visitation under certain specific circumstances.
  • Custody - Perhaps, you are the primary caretaker of your grandchildren, and it is time to formalize this custody arrangement. A written agreement instead of a verbal one will ensure that the children remain in a home environment that is stable and consistent.
  • Adoption - It may be in the best interest of your grandchildren for you to legally adopt them. Adoption may provide a child with greater access to benefits such as social security, health coverage, military benefits, etc.

Discussing these issues with a qualified, caring family law attorney will provide you with the information you need to determine which solution is best for your family's situation.

At Salley & Salley, LLC, our Board-Certified Family Law Specialists, certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization, can personalize and customize our quality legal services to fit your specific situation and unique needs. We listen carefully as you describe your reasons for wanting to be more involved in the lives of your grandchildren, and explain what to expect.

Let Us Help You
If you are a grandparent who wishes to seek greater involvement in the lives of your grandchildren, contact us today to arrange for your confidential consultation with one of our experienced family law attorneys, at 504-837-5499, or by email.

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