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Modification of Judgments

There are many reasons why a modification of your current Judgment may be requested. If you are paying or receiving child support or spousal support, and your income has increased or decreased or your financial status has changed, you may wish to request a modification of the support order. Additionally, if there has been a change in circumstances involving the custody or visitation of your minor child, you may also want to request a modification of your current Judgment. If your current Judgment does not specifically state exact due dates for support, exchange times of the minor children, and/or holiday and vacation time with the minor children, you may want to have your Judgment modified to include these specifics.

For any reason that you believe your Judgment should be modified, our experienced family law attorneys are here to discuss your case with you and give you the legal advice you need. Contact us today at 504-837-5499 or via e-mail, to arrange for your confidential consultation.

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